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How Are Recruitment Companies In India Changing The Hiring Trends In 2022?


How Are Recruitment Companies In India Changing The Hiring Trends In 2022?

Recruitment Trends 2022 In India

Here are the trends that are followed by top recruitment agencies in India.

Data-Driven Strategy

Having a data-driven strategy is extremely crucial as it helps you in predicting the future. Large organisations use this strategy to hire new employees. By analysing their budget, data, and relevant information they find the best candidate for their organisation. They make sure that all the facts, data, and reports are in complete alignment.

A study proved that a data-driven strategy makes the hiring process efficient by 80%

Increase Workforce Analytics

Recruitment companies in India act as a supporting system for various organisations and help them in developing effective recruitment strategies. With efficient workflow planning, recruitment agencies choose the best candidate for a vacant position.

Hiring agencies simplify the entire process of hiring for you. The workflow analytics provides better insights to employers. For instance, the hiring manager will have easy access to online job posting platforms and profiles of qualified professionals who are best suited for a specific job.

Work From Home Opportunity

The trend of remote work options has become popular after COVID-19. Almost 90% of people wish to get remote work options because of their convenience. For this purpose, hiring managers must come forward with innovative hiring strategies that work perfectly for every concerned person. Remote working is the future and is certainly the best cost-saving alternator for companies.

Social Media Recruitment

Recruitment through social media has become one of the top hiring methods. COVID-19 has increased the use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Managers can use this powerful platform as an opportunity to get in touch with the most credible candidates. It also increases brand awareness and employee value proposition.

By staying active on your social media platforms, you can engage with the audience and post about the activities taking place across your organisation to attract more candidates. For instance, you can post success stories of your employees. This will connect you to the right talent that your organisation is looking for.

Automation And Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is ruling the tech-driven world. From paying bills and shopping to Entertainment, we have become so much dependent on technology. The recruitment industry can use this effective method to attract new talent. The automated hiring tools ensure efficient communication by boosting data processing speed.

No one can deny the fact that in the future almost 80% of recruitment will be based on automation and artificial intelligence. So, the managers must rely on this method for a smooth hiring process.

Flexible Schedules

A flexible working schedule is among the top recruitment trends in 2022. Today employees look for opportunities with flexible working schedules. The trend of working from home has become significantly popular after COVID-19.

No doubt that a flexible working schedule is much better than a 9 to 5 job which leaves no margin to cope with emergencies without losing salary for that day. When employees are allowed to work in a flexible environment they can manage things efficiently. So if you are a hiring manager, then you should consider offering a flexible working schedule to your employees if you wish to attract the best talent for your company.

New Recruitment Tools

The new recruitment tools are doing wonders In the recruitment industry. These tools Have remarkable recruitment handling features such as onboarding, employee engagement, employee life cycle, payroll management, employee file management, etc. All these features automate the hiring process and attract the best talent in no time.

So being a hiring manager, you should invest in the latest recruitment to simplify your task. With the recruitment tools in place, you can save time and money.

Skill-Based Hiring

Recruitment agencies in India focus more on the domain-based experience of the candidate than the resume-based experience. Almost 100% of hiring is done based on skills.

Virtual Recruitment

Virtual recruitment of candidates is the most effective and profitable recruitment trend in 2022. This trend has become popular after the ongoing pandemic. It saves time for companies and is certainly the best way to screen out candidates’ profiles.

This smart recruitment method streamlines the hiring process and makes it easier for managers to choose the most compelling profiles from a large pool of talent.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is another popular recruitment trend that is ignored by most organisations. Any company having a good reputation is more likely to attract the best talent. It is extremely important for managers to maintain the reputation of their company Otherwise they will lose a deserving candidate for their job role. Moreover, a company with a good image can easily collaborate with third parties.

Proactive Recruiter

Building proactive recruitment strategies Is an effective way of attracting the best talent. A proactive recruiter will enhance the overall experience of the candidate with your organisation. Such managers can effectively find credible candidates even before the specific position is created.

Proactive recruiters focus on building healthy relationships with the client. They focus on developing the best system of sourcing, engaging, and attracting candidates.


Recruitment managers need to be aware of the top recruiting trends in India to handle critical skill gaps. Following the latest trends helps the managers in identifying the loopholes in the system, and ongoing challenges, and keeps them ahead of the competition. Moreover, the candidates can also determine the hiring prerequisites and strategies.

So if you follow the above-mentioned recruitment trends it will save your time, and makes the whole process hassle-free.

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