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Our Brochure

View our 2016 financial prospectus brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offered.

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    Kyle Hoffman Customer Service
  • It was great working with the Fresh team, as this was our first time working with vendor on a bigger scale. [The team] was patient and persistent, and ultimately we are thrilled with the end result and level of training we have received.

    Paul Walker Marketing Management
  • The Fresh team was open, flexible, and collaborative. Fresh told us what we needed, and worked with us on a tight timeline.

    John Doe Finance Director
  • The team provided lots of great ideas regarding the structure of the development process, creating good proposals and working with our team to better define and refine. We are extremely impressed with quality of deliverables.

    Brandon Copperfield Customer Service

Tax Consultant

  • One, it is his/her responsibility to keeps his/her client's tax to the minimum, keep track of the latest schemes provided by different companies, banks and organizations, and provide suggestions which are according to the financial ability of the clients.
  • It is their responsibility to give suggestions which are of their best policy.
  • Finally, they also must provide the necessary information to ensure that the client is following all the legalities.
  • Conducting research on tax laws
  • Strategizing with clients to minimize tax liability
  • Communicating with clients to explain tax issues
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Estate planning
  • Keeping clients compliant with their tax obligations
  • Tax consultants generally hold bachelor’s degrees in accounting, finance or a related field; however, because no formal certification is required, individuals often take on advisory roles after years of experience in another tax related profession.
  • Ultimately, professionals with both formal education and tax experience are best positioned for these careers.
  • Obtaining licensure as a CPA demonstrates the formal education and professional experience needed to support a future as a successful tax consultant.
  • Postgraduate education can also be beneficial to the tax consultant career path, and many pursue a Master of Science in Taxation.

Human Resource

  • Human resource managers have strategic and functional responsibilities for all of the HR disciplines.
  • A human resource manager has the expertise of an HR generalist combined with general business and management skills.
  • In large organizations, a human resource manager reports to the human resource director or a C-level human resource executive.
  • In smaller companies, some HR managers perform all of the department's functions or work with an HR assistant or generalist that handles administrative matters.
  • This position requires human resource generalists to be outgoing and professional; they must be careful listeners and clear communicators.
  • Traveling is a common requirement for this vocation because human resource generalists need to find new talent at job fairs and college campuses.
  • Human resource generalists normally work a 40-hour work week, according to the BLS, but sometimes additional work is required on nights and weekends during busy seasons.
  • The education needed for this position varies based on the level of responsibility and employer type.
  • Applicants possessing a Master of Science in Human Resource Management have access to higher-level management positions.
  • Classes in communication, business and psychology are useful for this career.

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