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Technology Consultant


  • I hav done CCNA 200-301, two month program, which is the new syllabus of Cisco certifications. My trainer Shankar provided me complete knowledge about the routed & routing protocols and emerging cisco technologies that helped me to acquire maximum knowledge.

    Mokesh Smart Local Guide
  • Best IT Technology Company in Vellore. They offer various services like software development, consulting, security, website design , Digitalmarketing, projects etc. They also offer Internship of various domains

    Selvarathinam Customer Service
  • The staff and operations team is really very helpful. The have created a wonderful product for me. It is actually very hard to find an IT company like Redback. They are very true to their deadlines and after sales services 24x7 responsive. I want to thank Redback and his team for their amazing efforts to create such a beautiful IT company in this timeline. I wish you all the success and will surely provide you all the references I have.

    Sujeet kumar Kushwaha Customer Service

Technology Consultancy


Aligning Business with Technological Strategies

Redback technology consultants study and uncover technology setbacks and barriers for a successful business growth and advice the business on the same. It uses its rich expertise of business & technology know-how to solve unique challenges and hurdles faced by the business. Its proven methodologies, tools and best practices fast-track a business into a technological business transformation.

REDBACK offers a smooth and a transient change from a non technological business into a full technological business without offsetting the morale of the staff during the change. It works to refine the processes, workflows and management systems that are affected by technology change and help ensure a smooth transition in the following ways:

  • Application Transformation : To provide a business centric application with the usage of higher and advanced digital technologies.
  • Business Transformation : To develop new strategies and operating models driven by new processes, systems and technology.
  • Digital Transformation : To help shape and lead digital transformation specific to the industry and business strategy.
  • Workplace Transformation : To help modernize the workplace to securely enable work from anywhere, anytime, and with any device.

How to Become a Technology Consultant

Employers and clients alike prefer technology consultants with professional education in a relevant field, like IT, computer science, or computer engineering. A degree also gives you a unique experience with software development, coding, data science, and web design — types of expertise that could come in handy for future clients.
Some consultants also opt to obtain a business minor as consulting requires just as many business skills as it does technology know-how. Marketing, business management, and communication classes can help hone these skills.
Both internships and jobs can help give you the hands-on, out-of-classroom experience it takes to start your technology consulting career. Consider interning with or shadowing a technology consultant to gain relevant field experience. Other internships in IT or software development can help, too.
Technology is an ever-changing industry, and the best technology consultants keep up with the latest technology trends. Not only does this keep you informed, but it meets your clients’ expectations of you as the technology “expert”. The most up-to-date expertise will also help you remain competitive in the industry.
Get to know other professionals in the IT and technology consulting industries. This will help you establish relationships that could lead to new clients or colleagues. Attend events in your internship, job, or community to expand your technology network.
Technology consulting is a highly valuable and lucrative industry, and technology consultants are major assets to the clients that hire them. Follow the steps above to start your career in technology consulting.