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Marketing Consultant


  • I hav done CCNA 200-301, two month program, which is the new syllabus of Cisco certifications. My trainer Shankar provided me complete knowledge about the routed & routing protocols and emerging cisco technologies that helped me to acquire maximum knowledge.

    Mokesh Smart Local Guide
  • Best IT Technology Company in Vellore. They offer various services like software development, consulting, security, website design , Digitalmarketing, projects etc. They also offer Internship of various domains

    Selvarathinam Customer Service
  • The staff and operations team is really very helpful. The have created a wonderful product for me. It is actually very hard to find an IT company like Redback. They are very true to their deadlines and after sales services 24x7 responsive. I want to thank Redback and his team for their amazing efforts to create such a beautiful IT company in this timeline. I wish you all the success and will surely provide you all the references I have.

    Sujeet kumar Kushwaha Customer Service

Marketing Consultants

Marketing Consultants

Redback is a team of marketers, graphic designers, social media experts, public relations officers and journalists designed to develop and market the business. It possesses technical, creative and dynamic marketing team which is dedicated to achieve the objectives detailed in the business marketing strategy.

Redback helps to deploy brand imaging through both traditional and digital marketing channels. It focuses more on digital and specialised media marketing. It helps a business grow exponentially in the following ways :

  • Marketing Strategy : Developing result oriented marketing strategies and supporting in implementing of the same.
  • Growth Strategy : Recommending and helping to implement growth strategies to expand the business.
  • Branding Strategy : Formulating strategies for the business to build it into a powerful brand
  • Digital Marketing : Developing and executing digital marketing strategies to take the business online.
  • International Marketing : Advising the business on prospective and potential international markets.

Marketing Consulting: A Problem-Solving Method

One of the regular problems that could involve several aspects. Initially, the most popular factor is the decline in leads and ineffective conversion rate. In other cases, the problem relies on generating quality traffic for the website and across digital media channels.
The problem of expanding to a new market requires a local expert. It is associated with competitive analysis and gaining an understanding of the target consumer.
A common problem that usually facing senior management and the marketing directors. The paid channels’ efficiency and campaign planning are among the top factors that affect the marketing dollar and ROI. It crucial issues for companies who are heavily spending on Google Ads and other paid channels such as Display and Facebook Ads. Therefore, the issue for management is to audit the marketing channels effectively and enhance the lower-funnel metrics such as CPC, CPA, ROAS, and CLV.
It is commonly known that social media is a highly competitive marketing channel. Businesses tend to investigate the performance of their social media channels. This problem is usually associated with the need to increase the reach and improve brand communication.
The need for a higher rank in organic results brought SEO into one of the top priorities in marketing activities. Companies are always facing high competition in the organic rank and looking for experienced SEO consulting to achieve the most optimal results.
Commonly, technical problems can vary from simple troubleshooting and installing a tracking pixel to complex marketing technology integrations. Technical consulting is not necessarily conducted by technology partners. In some cases, a marketing consultant is required for a massive audit or setting up a marketing automation plan. One of the major needs is conducting research of the marketing tech stack and providing effective recommendations of tools that fit with the marketing needs.
Collecting and analyzing marketing data is one of the most critical problems for companies. Senior managers are always having issues with monitoring marketing performance and tracking data. As companies moving towards data-driven marketing, the main concern is not only in collecting reports but also to hire consulting services who can provide them with sleek and highly reliable dashboards. While it seems like a straightforward GA type of tracking but yet combining all channels and running sophisticated analysis requires a professional marketing consultant.