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The Deanery appreciates the following as general policy on consultancy services:

  • Consultancy is a practice of sharing the intellectual knowledge, expertise, as an individual staff or a group of staff members using the resources/ facilities/ infrastructure of the institution for offering solutions to the problems (received from collaborating industries/ corporates/ institutions).
  • All faculty members are encouraged to take up consultancy with relevant institutions and corporates of high repute.
  • The consultancy provided may be of two types:
  • An individual staff offering consultancy on behalf of the institution
    A group/ a team of staff members offering consultancy on behalf of the institution.

  • The consultancy services might include - providing subject specific input/ offering technical assistance, data analysis, policy drafting, theoretical framework, advisory in HR/ healthcare/ business/ finance, making of prototype/ model/ product designing, etc.
  • Appropriate Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) need to be executed between the college and industries/ corporates/ institutions, seeking consultancy services.
  • The DRD will receive the problem statement(s) from collaborating industries/ corporates/ institutions. The principal consultant will be identified by the Principal, or Dean of Research and Development or by a staff authorized by Dean.
  • A detailed work plan, including the budget needs to be approved by both the partnering institutions prior to the commencement of consultancy.
  • The consultancy services should not interfere in the discharge of primary duties of faculty members of the college.
  • The college management provides necessary amenities for the consultancy services.
  • All consultants need to abide by the revenue sharing criteria determined by the college, which would be decided for the individual projects.
  • Any difficulty or challenge faced during the course of consultancy should be brought to the immediate knowledge of the college and the partnering institutions/organisation.
  • Any deviation from the objectives and terms of reference of consultancy services should be approved by both the institutions.
  • On completion of the consultancy, a report needs to be submitted to the college and the partnering industries/ corporates/ institutions.